giovedì 22 maggio 2014

Then I Decided To Go To Bed

“What does it mean ‘You can’t go in’? Is that a joke?”“I can’t let you in. Seriously.”“What’s the matter with you, man? Why wouldn’t you let me in? Do I need an invitation? Is it a private party?”“It’s not a private party but, I can’t let you in. ““Oh, I see… is it because I don’t drive one of those super-equipped ultra-luxury liners? I’ve only got a Vauxhall but you’re more like the Bentley type, eh? You classist!”“I’m not classist. But you can’t go in …Sir.”“Then it must be the colour of my skin, innit? What? Am I too ‘pale’ for your Club? So, you’re racist!?”“Believe me, your skin colour is irrelevant …Sir. Nevertheless, you can’t go in.”“Stop saying it, for God’s sake! Just for once, give us a sensible answer: Why-Can-I-Not-Go-In?”“Because-You-Are-Naked… Sir!”


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