giovedì 17 luglio 2014

The (stupid) Lodger - Recycling

LANDLADY - ...all food scraps go into that small bin near the sink, and don't mix 'em with kitchen paper as you did last time.
(STUPID) LODGER - Why not? In my country paper towels are considered humid waste, just  as food
LANDLADY - In this Country a paper towel is still paper, and it goes with paper scrap.
(STUPID) LODGER - Uh ...ok.
LANDLADY - ...and when the small bin is full, chuck everything in the big brown recycle bin, in the backyard. Is that all clear?
(STUPID) LODGER - Yes, I guess so.
LANDLADY - But remember: you can't throw food just like that, you have to wrap it first in an old newspaper. Is that clear?
LANDLADY - Do you understand what I'm saying stupid lodger?

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